About Us

The culture, history and beauty of Africa have been captured in a new line of Silver charms and pendants. The Amanne Collection is a Jewelry design company based in New York. We have created an elegant line of charms, pendants, bracelets, anklets and Coptic crosses from Ethiopia.


Our Collection

Adinkra symbols are derived from the era of 19th century Ghanian (Ivory Coast) King Kofi Adinkra who wore elaborate clothing printed with graphic symbols and geometric motifs. The symbols represent the language and culture of royalty and reflect the ideals of destiny, faith, community and the power of love.

The Amanne Collection features 12 symbols. These 12 symbols comment on African history and culture and reflect faith, nature and society. We have recently added Coptic style crosses from Ethiopia. These crosses are an African style interpretation of the traditional cross. They are stylish and a beautiful conversation piece.

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